Thank you Redline

Last Thursday, 22nd September, the Redline team were 2025 feet high in the Brecon Beacons as they successfully completed their fundraising campaign for Herefordshire Headway!
The above image shows the response to the news from some members of Herefordshire Headway. It was a HUGE THANK YOU! from them.

Here’s Team Redline’s event report.
The team set-up camp at 8am at the base of the Cefn yr Ystrad mountain where we temporarily relocated our office for the day for stage 1 of the challenge. This involved firing up a generator in order to provide powder and then setting up several 4G mobile broadband routers in order to give us connectivity. The team were then able to operate as normal using VoIP handsets and our iPECS ONE mobile & PC applications, continuing to make & receive calls to all customers as usual with the only difference being the faint sound of the Welsh wind in the background!

It certainly was an interesting challenge and perhaps a slight bit colder than we were anticipating. Nothing a slight tweak to the camp couldn’t sort though as we used a couple of the Redline vans to shield the team from the wind as well as having a few snacks on hand to keep spirits high! 

Stage 2 of the challenge involved the team hiking to the peak of the mountain. In order to do this we split into two teams in order to ensure half of the team were able to continue working and responding to calls and emails at the base of the mountain. The hike took 1 1/2 hours for each team to complete with Digby the sausage dog even participating in the 2nd climb of the day!

The team had great fun completing the challenge and we’re delighted to announce that we managed to raise a further £700 for Herefordshire Headway as a result. We will be keeping the Crowdfunder page open for a few more weeks if anyone would still like to make a contribution:

Once again, thanks to everyone who has already made a donation and we will be continuing to raise money for the rest of the year through our phone system recycling scheme. The overall total raised now stands at £1,650.00.