Challenge the Change

This nurse led programme takes place at Headway House each Thursday and is designed to help working age individuals who wish to maximise their potential and consider their future careers. Armed with more knowledge we hope that people will begin to make decisions about how they want to move on, set themselves realistic goals for the future and, through a better understanding of their own potential, take control of their health conditions and their day to day lives gaining confidence, self-reliance and resilience.

All therapeutic activities undertaken are evidence based and regular reviews help individuals and Headway to work together to ensure all care planning is iterative.

We will be able to support individuals to re-engage with activities that help them achieve their wants and needs. Some examples of how we have supported people in the past include:

  • Helping people decide for themselves what their future options are and then to make plans that meet their wishes.
  • Making correspondence and paying bills manageable.
  • Supporting people to manage their own money and financial matters.
  • To introduce new hobbies and find things that may become established longer term leisure time activities.
  • Help to make the best use of the medical support services, establishing good medication routines, understanding own health conditions, and making good lifestyle choice.
  • Feeling comfortable and confident enough to try new things or do things that were taken for granted before but are now daunting.
  • Providing opportunities that allowed people to achieve things they thought they could not do.
  • Managing day to day living more autonomously maybe improving speech, movement or use of technology, aids, and adaptations.
  • Travel training to gain confidence and get used to going out and about independently.
  • Preparing to become a volunteer or to return to paid employment, maybe taking a very different career pathway.

Designed for people who are trying to come to terms with the effects a brain injury has had on their lives, and who want to take control and make positive changes.