Concussion Awareness Campaign

This Headway campaign is designed to encourage grassroots sports clubs to be concussion aware and take an ‘if in doubt, sit it out!’ approach to head injuries.

Herefordshire Headway, which supports local people affected by brain injury, is asking local sports clubs to support the campaign by signing a pledge and publishing an official #ConcussionAware stamp on their websites and social media. Sport plays a key role in keeping us fit and healthy. As with everyday life, however, accidents, falls and collisions can happen.While most injuries are obvious, the signs of concussion can often be difficult to identify and yet at Headway, we know the damage that can caused if people continue to play sport while concussed. A great deal has been achieved in the past few years to improve concussion protocols, with the emphasis being placed on professional sport to set a good example for others to follow. But we believe everyone who plays sport should be concussion aware – particularly those at grassroots level who are playing purely for the love of it and do not have ambulances and doctors on standby should something go wrong. There has been a lot of interest in this since we launched it, and we hope many local sports clubs and organisations will not only pledge their support but also work with Herefordshire Headway to help us continue to help people in the local community living with the effects of brain injury.”

To get involved with the campaign, please visit or for more information about Herefordshire Headway, call 01432 761000