Election manifesto


Over the course of the next parliament around 1.8 million people will be admitted to hospital with an acquired brain injury.

Urgent government action is needed to improve the lives of those currently affected by brain injuries, as well as those who will be affected in the future.

To address these pressing needs, ahead of the General Election on 4th July, we are proud to share with you Headway’s first-ever General Election manifesto From awareness to action, demanding better care for people affected by brain injury, which focuses on five key asks of the government.

They are:
Ask 1 – Fair access: end the neurorehabilitation postcode lottery
Ask 2 – Community support: invest in local brain injury reablement services
Ask 3 – Increase understanding: raising awareness of brain injury
Ask 4 – Family care: enhance support for brain injury survivors’ loved ones
Ask 5 – Reform social care: make social care equitable and sustainable

Together we can compel the next government to understand brain injury, to prioritise brain injury, and to invest in services to support brain injury survivors and their loved ones.

To help us do that you can:

Use our template letter to make contact with your local prospective parliamentary candidates and ask them to sign our pledge card. Download our handy canvasser card – ideal for if any political canvassers knock at your door with key messages we want all the parties to know. Share our full manifesto and our summary manifesto with your family and friends and on your social media platforms.
Thank you for helping us to improve life after brain injury.