Support for Carers:

Help for carers is available from the time the injury occurs, often the first contact is made while a loved one is still in hospital and their prognosis is not clear.

Support that we can offer includes:

  • Our booklet ‘Caring for someone with a brain injury’ is often the first link carers have to Headway. It provides information about Hospital pathways, who’s who and much more. Written by other carers who have experienced the same journey, it has proved to be a trusted friend in the early days after admission to hospital. Later on, there are a whole library of publications that may be useful to read all are available online or in booklet format but initially we are told it was good to just have something to read that makes those early hours while sat in a hospital a little more bearable.
  • One to one support is available from our experienced team of staff and volunteers.
  • We can help with paperwork and to access services and benefits you might need and be entitled to.
  • Access to the HUK nurse led free confidential help line (9am-5pm Monday to Friday Tel:0808 800 2244).
  • Advice and support from our well qualified and experienced nurse led enablement team.
  • Access to our Carer support group meetings where new carers and those who have been carers for a long time share their experiences and knowledge to support each other and to make life that little bit easier.
  • Regular social events where you and the person you care for can spend some quality leisure time with others who use our service. Activities include meals out, visits to the theatre, quiz nights, bowling and chips and days out at events like the Hay Festival.