Headway House Building and Garden Projects

Headway House Building and Garden Projects

We are making good progress in securing funding for our three current building and garden projects.


Redevelopment of Headway House Garden

We have been awarded £10,000 for this project from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme. The project will redevelop Herefordshire Headway's garden to provide a space where people can re-gain gardening skills or just sit relax and socialise with friends and family.

We currently have a large garden made up of brick walled raised flower beds which are now weathered and falling apart. There are lots of areas where the paths are uneven and there is poor access for clients. The once grand sensory garden is now very worn again the brick paths are weathered with broken surfaces and wooden furniture has been repaired until it is almost too rotted to repair anymore. Having said that clients work hard to keep it the best they can and there are some lovely flowers which make it look welcoming even if not ideal. 

We will pull down and re-build the 3 large raised flower beds and build two more, this including the conversion of the area used to grow cut flowers for flower arranging. We will improve and make good the extensive pathways and provide a new paved access to the car park for wheel chairs.

The sensory garden will be given a face lift replacing the weathered brick pavers, laying new gravel and making good the flower beds. 

We will create a covered sitting area where people can be sheltered from the heat of the sun or rain. This area can then be used in the summer by the art and music therapists for group work and by the garden groups in the winter when it is raining.

We have also been awarded £2,755 from the Co-op Local Community Fund. This will allow us to begin works in the form of our first two new raised vegetable beds with paved surrounds, a Polly Tunnel and two further smaller raised beds.




Kitchen Upgrade and Reablement Facility 

In this phase of our building project the catering kitchen, which provides lunches for members on a daily basis, will have a full upgrade. Also the remaining rooms past the reception office will be reburbished to include a reablement facility. This will provide a valuable training resource supporting the development and maintenance of everyday skills to maximise independence. We want to keep the space as flexible as possible in order to adapt and grow with service demands.

Click on the floor plan icon to view one possible floor plan 

The target figure for the complete project is £87,500

The amount we have secured so far is £22,467


Fundraising will continue over the coming months.


Dining/Function Room Redecoration


An application to the Morrisons Foundation was successful with an £8,000 grant secured to redecorate the Dining/Function Room at Headway House.

Redecoration is now complete with new window blinds and floor coverings.