Community Enablement Services

We were awarded a five year Lottery Grant in late 2018, this money has enabled us to set up an outreach project that supports acquired brain injury survivors, their carer’s and families to overcome some of the complex barriers that their injury may have created. Our Community Based Workers support individuals from early diagnosis and throughout the various stages of rehabilitation often working closely with Health and Social Care professionals to assist the rehabilitation and enablement programmes they have designed. Our service includes help for carers, families and other people who are impacting on life at home or in the wider community. Examples of the sort of support we already provide include:


  • The expertise needed to develop strategies which will allow easier access to appointments, shopping trips and social activities
  • Help to organise household tasks and to make them more manageable and less of a chore
  • Help to get used to using those adaptations and aids which you may have, but have not mastered the use of, or to introduce the use of some new ones which will make life easier
  • Guide and support people to use public transport
  • Support individuals and carers to access services and financial benefits to which they are entitled
  • Help with paperwork
  • Provide help so individuals can use technology to shop on line, pay bills and do their banking so making some of those essential tasks manageable without leaving the house
  • Provide assistance to access Health, Leisure and Social Activities within local communities