Shades of Headway Art Exhibition

Shades of Headway Art Exhibition

Shades of Headway was an art exhibition showing at De Koffie Pot, Left Bank Village, Hereford where exhibition space and launch refreshments were provided free of charge. The exhibition was the culmination of a summer art project for members of Herefordshire Headway based in Credenhill and facilitated by artist and potter Samantha McNamara. 

Samantha explained “This project has given the members a real sense of achievement. They have been able to try something they have never done before; create beautiful art work and then see it all come together in this exhibition. Members inspired each other and there was a real team spirit around the sessions. Lots of swapping of ideas, laughing and excitement as the prints were revealed.”

Samantha started volunteering with Headway in April this year to gain more of an understanding of head injuries and experience working with people who have them. At some point in the future she would like to train as an art therapist.

Samantha said "I have been so lucky to be offered these opportunities. Headway has been so supportive and I have loved every moment working with the members".



Pictured from left to right -
Janet and Alan Hooper, 
Samantha McNamara, Pauline Perry and Les Wargen