Carers Support

Carers Support

When someone suffers a brain injury it affects many other people. Carers need support at a number of stages

  • Crisis — when a loved one is admitted into hospital immediately after suffering a brain injury or diagnosis

  • Returning Home — Pre or post discharge from acute hospital care 

  • Facing Change — After the return home when high levels of support end and daily life resumes

How we can help 

  • Crisis advice and support - people can attend Headway for a one to one appointment or we can visit you at the hospital or in your home

  • We can sign post you to other local services and organizations

  • One to one support - either drop-in, telephone or email

  • Drop in group for clients or carers

The Benefits

If a carer is receiving support, they will be gaining the skills knowledge and strength needed to cope with any change in their family.  This can have a positive effect on the person with the brain injury. 

Taking time out provides much needed respite for carers.

We have lots of helpful leaflets, fact sheets and booklets.  All can be viewed or printed direct from this web site or accessed from Headway House.

Carer Support Services are led by Sue who has vast experience and knowledge that could help your headway journey. We meet on the first Friday of every month at Headway House. Current dates and times can be found on the Notice Board page.